Quadcopter Info List of Definitions
Accelerometer An electronic component which measures acceleration on a given axis (direction) of flight
AP Aerial Photography
Axis Describe one plane of potential flight. Most quads have at least 3-axis control
DJI DJI Innovations
Drone Another name for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FPV First Person View
GCS Ground Control Station
Gyro Short for Gyroscope
Gyroscope A device that measures angular velocity and helps maintain orientation
GoPro A line of small lightweight sport cameras
GPS Global Positioning System
LOS Line of Sight
Multicopter An Aerial Vehicle with Multiple Rotors (Propellers which are Horizontal)
Quad Quadcopter
Quadcopter Quadcopters are multi-rotor copters with four arms
R/C Radio Controlled
RC Radio Controlled
RTF Ready to Fly
RX Receiver
ROV Remotely Operated Aircraft
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
Servo Short for Servomotor or Servomechanism
Throttle Control used to increase or decrease the RPM (speed) of the electric motors
TX Transmitter
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle